Product Launch: PracticeWorks’ Kodak 1500

1 03 2010

PracticeWorks, the exclusive maker of KODAK Dental Systems, introduced the KODAK 1500 Intraoral Camera with wireless capabilities at the meeting. Dentists will touch and see the KODAK 1500 Camera, what the manufacturer  is touting as the industry’s most lightweight intraoral wireless camera, weighing in at 94 grams.

Combined with the industry’s highest resolution for still images (1024 x 768), the KODAK 1500 Camera also offers  liquid lens technology that works like the human eye to ensure effortless image capture and clear, detailed images, making the smallest cracks and lesions easy to view. The camera is built with the widest focus range on the market (1mm to infinity) and a video capability at a resolution of 640 x 480.

The camera’s design includes a true autofocus and intuitive 8-LED lighting system that automatically adjusts to the current lighting conditions to optimize illumination and contrast levels, requiring no manual adjustments. The KODAK 1500 Camera also has a polarization filter that automatically removes unwanted reflection, resulting in more true-to-life images.

The KODAK 1500 Camera’s wireless version provides complete freedom of movement.  Featuring Wi-Fi technology, the KODAK 1500 Camera provides faster transmission times, more stability and less noise than analog wireless devices.  Additionally, the KODAK 1500 Camera’s single image capture button enables any member of a dental team to capture quality images quickly and easily. The single image capture button is also able to automatically save the images taken to a computer or an SD card. While USB connectivity allows practices the ability to share the docking station between different examination rooms and chairs, the camera’s ergonomically designed handpiece also fits comfortably in either hand and can easily maneuver hard-to-reach areas.

The KODAK 1500 Camera integrates with the KODAK Dental Imaging Software, the same imaging software as other KODAK Dental Imaging Systems. KODAK’s Dental Imaging Software has a flexible interface, which makes modifying, printing, storing and managing captured images easier. It can be used as a standalone program or combined with practice management software, further improving patient diagnosis and communication and improving flexibility.

“The KODAK 1500 Intraoral Camera offers a higher level of patient care, providing consistently clear, high resolution images that dentists can easily share with their patients—further improving doctor to patient communication,” said Patrik Eriksson, president and CEO at PracticeWorks. “Using a product that is designed to effectively locate common dental issues not only improves the patient’s health but contributes to the overall health of a practice.”

For more information on the KODAK 1500 Camera or to request a product demonstration,  visit

Product Launch: Gendex’s GXCB-500 HD

1 03 2010

Gendex launched its GXCB-500 HD at the meeting. The new High Definition feature complements the unit’s core offerings of scan flexibility, fast workflow, and integration capabilities.

“We understand that dentists want and need radiographic options that help them better treat their patients and follow ALARA,” states Mark Hillebrandt, Director of Product Management for Gendex. “Therefore, we are pleased to offer the GXCB-500 HD which delivers this and more — it allows clinicians to select 2D pans or 3D scans, to choose scan size options designed to work with certain procedures, and lets them blend technologies for a wide variety of treatment options.”

“HD” in the product name stands for “High Definition” image quality as defined by the precise i-CAT®-powered 3D scans and the enhanced image quality of its 2D panoramic radiographs using patented i-pan™ image capture technology.

The GXCB-500 HD has an adjustable 3D Medium Field of View that can be sized from as large as 8 x 14 cm to as small as 2 x 8 cm. This allows for the greatest flexibility of treatment covering a host of procedures from TMJ to implants to endo.

Along with the ability to reconstruct a pan from the 3D scan, the new GXCB-500 HD includes a traditional, low-dose, high-end 2D panoramic. This $40,000 value advantage is built into the unit, making it an even better investment.

Time is a valuable commodity in the dental office; with the GXCB-500 HD, clinicians can scan and reconstruct in as little as 30 seconds — then plan immediately. The GXCB-500 HD allows doctors to have a patient in the chair and a plan on the screen in only a few minutes.

With the demand for high-tech treatment applications increasing, doctors will benefit from the GXCB-500 HD’s open software architecture, which allows integration with specialized restoration, digital impression, and CAD/CAM planning programs to efficiently gain more precise, reliable restorative and surgical results.

The GXCB-500 HD utilizes industry-leading Cone Beam 3D technology from i-CAT to deliver its clarity, flexibility, and speed in imaging.

Product Launch: Pelton & Crane Spirit 3800

1 03 2010

Pelton & Crane introduced what it considers to be a “breakthrough” dental delivery unit, the Spirit 3800 Rear Delivery Unit. With independent doctor’s and assistant’s delivery arms, the unit provides range of motion and positioning capabilities that will allow the doctors and their staff to ergonomically achieve over 23 different procedural positions.

Integration options, such as the KaVo COMFORTdrive and TLC electric motors and handpieces, intraoral camera, scaler and curing light, offer efficient solutions designed to reduce procedure time. The Spirit 3800 boasts 12 total instrument positions.

“Workflow optimization and integration of today’s best technologies in your dental practice can increase productivity and reduce wasted time,” said Andrew McIlveen, Senior Product Manager, of Pelton & Crane. “The improvement of efficiency, both during and in-between procedures, will positively influence the dental practice’s bottom line.”

The Spirit 3800 Rear Delivery Unit combined with the Spirit family of Dental Chairs, Renaissance Collection of Dental Furniture, the Helios 3000 LED Operating Lights and integrated KaVo Electric Motors and Handpieces establishes an efficient, healthy environment for doctors, patients and staff members alike.

For more information on the Spirit 3800 Rear Delivery Unit, please contact Pelton & Crane at 800-659-6560, or visit

Product Launch: Kavo’s MULTI LED

1 03 2010

Kavo Dental North America introduced its MULTI LED for handpieces. Designed to be an easy, fast and affordable upgrade for KaVo MULTIflex couplers, the MULTI LED provides users with reportedly daylight-like illumination.

Inspired by Helios technology, the MULTI LED is focused on the bur tip to offer a halo-free, precise, uniform pattern to illuminate the prep. The light is also easy to change, and can be easily retrofit to dental treatment units in a matter of seconds. The doctor does not have to buy new LED MULTIflex couplers. Just upgrade the existing couplers with MULTI LED. The service life of the KaVo LED is several times that of the high-pressure, quartz halogen bulb. It offers the lowest cost of ownership for the doctor.

Product launches, pre-launches, and sneak peaks at Lab Day

1 03 2010

Whether it was wider aisles, adjusted display configuration, lower attendance, or diverted attention to continuing education offerings, the 2010 Lab Day Chicago exhibition had a more casual feel this year balanced by excitement at the vendor booths due to multiple introductions of equipment, supplies, and technologies as well as hints at what to expect from manufacturers in the coming months.

The 3Shape Dental System 2010 will be launched later this year.

For example, 3Shape previewed its Dental Systems 2010 CAD software with a large-monitor display and hands-on trial runs of the expanded features, such as virtual articulation, design of removable partials as well as implant bars and bridges.In addition, the Danish company launched the upgraded CAMbridge CAM software and displayed its latest D710 Multi Die 3D scanner, which will allow for the scanning of up to six individual dies in a single batch.

Also in software news, Laserdenta introduced implant planning software modules for both clinical and laboratory applications; Schütz has updated its TiZian CAD.CAM software; Atlanta Based Systems management software now allows for FDA lot tracking in addition to wireless barcoding capabilities and peripheral LCD monitors for viewing slideshow-type charts and graphs away from a central computer station; Magic Touch Software introduced the Lab Connex communications unit

DENTSPLY Prosthetics displayed the new CeramFire line of ceramic furnaces (the CeramFireS is available now, the P and T versions are coming soon), The Cercon Heat Plus large-capacity sintering oven, and the beefed-up Cercon Brain Expert milling machine (which had been previewed at the 2009 Cal-Lab meeting as the Cercon Brain II).

Dentsply's Cercon system now includes the robust Cercon Brain Expert miller and Cercon Heat Plus oven.

KerrLab was pre-launching its popular waxing equipment line composed of the Ultra-Waxer 2 electronic waxer, the Wet-Waxer 2 warming bath, and the Micro-Dip 2 wax dipping unit.

Whip Mix brought out its new InStep line of casting waxes that includes dipping, carving, and blockout waxes formulated for compatibility.

Zephyrus brushes are lathed from custom-selected exotic woods to fit the individual ceramist's hand.

New partnerships also were announced or hinted at, new companies made their debuts at the show, and international manufacturers were present and seeking U.S. distributors. Metalor USA will soon have the Cendres+Métaux USA moniker stemming from its merger with the Swiss company; Dentaurum is ramping up its presence on the U.S. market after several dormant years; Dr. John Pawlus from Uni-Pin launched Zephyrus with hand-crafted custom-made ceramist brushes and magnetic holders; Ibex Dental Technologies launched the Summit porcelain oven, engineered by president Daniel Serrago of Garland Dental Repair; Lincoln Dental will now carry the product lines of M.P.F. Techlight Co. of Greece; industry veteran David Grimes is expanding One Source Dental from an outsource provider to a CAD/CAM equipment supplier; private-label bur manufacturer Mastercut Tool Corp. will now supply its rotary instruments direct to labs; and Reitel equipment is now offered exclusively in North America through Americana Dental. Other partnerships still in the works were discussed, but remain privileged until the papers are signed.

Live Video: Isolite

1 03 2010

Dr. Tom Hirsch demonstrates Isolite’s Dryfield Illuminator system at the 2010 Chicago Dental Society’s Midwinter Meeting.

Take a ride on Zahn’s digital highway

1 03 2010

Zahn Dental’s ballrooms at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers were set up to offer visitors a roadmap with solutions for all of their digital technology needs, not to mention a Drive the Digital Highway Sweepstakes in which participants had a shot to win a car after visiting and collecting stickers from all 11 vendors.

The first stop on the map was for Henry Schein’s DDX fully integrated technology platform for digital dentistry, which enables easy online case management and reduces the need for many of today’s phone calls between dentists and  labs. Lee Culp, CDT, lectured on esthetics and  digital technology, while new products and technologies were on display from the likes of Dental Wings, D4D Technologies, EnvisionTEC and Weiland Dental Division.

The Dental Wings DW-IS Impression Scanner features a software update for a new Virtual Model Builder Module and to design partial frameworks and custom abutments, while D4D was showcasing its E4D Compass that provides an all-in-one solution for surgical and restorative planning, along with E4D Flash multi-line scanner for models, dies and impressions, and VOIS (Voice Over Internet Support). 

EnvisionTEC showcased its Ultra 2 Model Printer that produces up to 12 models and removabale dies every 2 hours, or 32 full partials every 4 hours. Weiland, meanwhile, introduced the Zenotec T1 milling system and sold its first unit on the floor at Lab Day.

Zahn Dental Prosthetic Specialist Adam Prewitt  compared the system’s operations to that of a jukebox, as labs can plan jobs right from single dies and implant abutments, crowns and bridges to full arch models in the Zenotec CAD program and implement them with the the ZENO CAM program. The programs are easy to understand and can be controlled by a simple mouse click.

“The lab loads all the discs (representing a variety of restorations) and the arm comes over and grabs it like a juke box would,” Prewitt said. “Just like that you’re good to go. Ready to rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a dry milling unit that can do full cast crowns. With this you definitely have material selection.”

The high-performance, compact system also can mill models and can quickly and affordably produce temporaries. After the system automatically selects the suitable ZENO disc, it mills simultaneously along 5-axes anatomically and puts the used disc back into the stack.