Product Launch: Clon 3D Progress I.O.D.I.S

26 02 2010

Gary Fichtner (left) watches on as Luca Scienza (seated) demonstrates the Clon 3D Intra-Oral Digital Impression System

At the Barnes Group & Friends Meeting at the Knickerbocker Hotel, Gary Fichtner, CDT, previewed the Clon 3D Intra-Oral Digital Impression System to 20 lab owners from the United States and Canada. The device plugs directly into a supplied dedicated laptop via a 2-meter USB cable and can scan an entire arch in around 90 seconds, generating a standard STL file for import into any open-architecture CAD/CAM system. The business model will allow labs to become distributors for the system to get it into the hands of the dentist clients. The lab owners were anxious to take the device out for a spin themselves, but will have to wait until it ships in June.



3 responses

3 03 2010
Anne Horst

Exciting, innovative and affordable technology!

14 06 2010

this information is really an eye opening shock to me.Since last Friday I got a call from a new Orthodontist looking for labs that accept digital 3-d down load
images for processing real models I can use to make retainers. what do I have to do? who can I call to get information about this. thanks Joel

13 05 2011
steven shapiro cdt

Hi.Jonathan, how are we doing with this system development. No one keeps the enrolled distrubutors advised as to what is happening,Why

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