3DIC: Plenty of learning going on

26 06 2010

For the more than 150 attendees at this weekend’s event, there were plenty of opportunities to learn. Some were on hand to learn how to get more out of their current CBCT systems, or how to market their current technology, while some were seeking knowledge on how/why to integrate the technology.

We spoke with a variety of attendees including i-CAT owners, Gendex owners and even a dentist whose main goal this weekend was to learn more about CBCT even if though he’s not quite ready to add a sysytem to his own practice just yet. Drs. Christopher Phelps and Martin Van Vliet shared their experiences with using the technology in their offices and also what they hoped to take away from the 3-D Dental Imaging Congress. Dr. Phil Estes, meanwhile, told us he’s not ready yet to bring cone beam into his Texas practice, but that learning more about it this weekend will help him make a decision in the future, as well as help him immediately understand better what some of his referring doctors are doing with the technology.

Look for videos to come soon from these three attendees at dentalproductsreport.com.

Other opportunities to learn more about the technology available today came from those who visited the exhibitors and from viewing a live i-CAT scan presentation in which the attendees were able to ask questions while scans were being presented.



One response

22 07 2010
Shauna Duty

We’ve found that training the dental team to know how to eloquently and appropriately share the benefits of new technology with patients is one of the best ways to market. Simple, short training sessions with improv patient conversations, followed by Q&A can go long way. http://www.moderndentalmarketing.ocm

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