Product Launch: PracticeWorks’ Kodak 1500

1 03 2010

PracticeWorks, the exclusive maker of KODAK Dental Systems, introduced the KODAK 1500 Intraoral Camera with wireless capabilities at the meeting. Dentists will touch and see the KODAK 1500 Camera, what the manufacturer  is touting as the industry’s most lightweight intraoral wireless camera, weighing in at 94 grams.

Combined with the industry’s highest resolution for still images (1024 x 768), the KODAK 1500 Camera also offers  liquid lens technology that works like the human eye to ensure effortless image capture and clear, detailed images, making the smallest cracks and lesions easy to view. The camera is built with the widest focus range on the market (1mm to infinity) and a video capability at a resolution of 640 x 480.

The camera’s design includes a true autofocus and intuitive 8-LED lighting system that automatically adjusts to the current lighting conditions to optimize illumination and contrast levels, requiring no manual adjustments. The KODAK 1500 Camera also has a polarization filter that automatically removes unwanted reflection, resulting in more true-to-life images.

The KODAK 1500 Camera’s wireless version provides complete freedom of movement.  Featuring Wi-Fi technology, the KODAK 1500 Camera provides faster transmission times, more stability and less noise than analog wireless devices.  Additionally, the KODAK 1500 Camera’s single image capture button enables any member of a dental team to capture quality images quickly and easily. The single image capture button is also able to automatically save the images taken to a computer or an SD card. While USB connectivity allows practices the ability to share the docking station between different examination rooms and chairs, the camera’s ergonomically designed handpiece also fits comfortably in either hand and can easily maneuver hard-to-reach areas.

The KODAK 1500 Camera integrates with the KODAK Dental Imaging Software, the same imaging software as other KODAK Dental Imaging Systems. KODAK’s Dental Imaging Software has a flexible interface, which makes modifying, printing, storing and managing captured images easier. It can be used as a standalone program or combined with practice management software, further improving patient diagnosis and communication and improving flexibility.

“The KODAK 1500 Intraoral Camera offers a higher level of patient care, providing consistently clear, high resolution images that dentists can easily share with their patients—further improving doctor to patient communication,” said Patrik Eriksson, president and CEO at PracticeWorks. “Using a product that is designed to effectively locate common dental issues not only improves the patient’s health but contributes to the overall health of a practice.”

For more information on the KODAK 1500 Camera or to request a product demonstration,  visit




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