CareerFusion continues in Florida

9 01 2011

During the 4.5 days of learning and networking that CareerFusion offers, hygienists will learn about a lot of great new products and will have a lot of great ideas they’re excited about incorporating into their practices. Angie Stone, RDH, BS, told them how to get their doctors on board.

After Shirley Gutkowski , RDH, BSDH, FACE, kicked off Sunday morning with a talk about the experiences that got her where she is today, Stone, who is the editor in chief of Hygiene Tribune, continued the morning with a talk about proposal writing. Stone talked to attendees about what should go into a proposal and gave an example of a proposal she submitted to her doctor.

Before you can write a proposal, you need to know what you want to change or incorporate, why you want to do it, how it’s going to be done and who’s going to do it, she said. Proposals should be short and to the point, with a clear, specific message.

After Stone’s talk, the group split up into Mac and PC users for a tutorial. The day continued with more table talks and more opportunities for learning.



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