Ivoclar’s “green machines”

1 03 2010

Ivoclar Vivadent had plenty of things to talk about in the Sheraton ballrooms at Lab Day Chicago on Saturday, what with big name lectures taking place, a partnership announcement with Straumann USA and it’s new Programat S1 sintering furnace on display.

But a key theme and color to the event was Green, as in energy savings and environmentally friendly products. Green lights and Power Saving Technology banners were prominently displayed, with the Programat S1 boasting time savings as well as a stand-by mode to conserve energy.

“The S1’s sintering significantly reduces time and the Power Saving stand-by mode is being carried across to all of our furnaces,” said Ivoclar’s Don Bell. “It can significantly drop power consumption and is good for the environmet.”

The Programat S1 reportedly can sinter ZrO2 crowns in just 90 minutes, compared to 5 to 8 hours with conventional sintering furnaces. The Programat P500 also boasts Power Saving Technology that is designed to cut power consumption in the stand-by mode by up to 40%.




One response

17 05 2010

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