Take a ride on Zahn’s digital highway

1 03 2010

Zahn Dental’s ballrooms at the Sheraton Hotel & Towers were set up to offer visitors a roadmap with solutions for all of their digital technology needs, not to mention a Drive the Digital Highway Sweepstakes in which participants had a shot to win a car after visiting and collecting stickers from all 11 vendors.

The first stop on the map was for Henry Schein’s DDX fully integrated technology platform for digital dentistry, which enables easy online case management and reduces the need for many of today’s phone calls between dentists and  labs. Lee Culp, CDT, lectured on esthetics and  digital technology, while new products and technologies were on display from the likes of Dental Wings, D4D Technologies, EnvisionTEC and Weiland Dental Division.

The Dental Wings DW-IS Impression Scanner features a software update for a new Virtual Model Builder Module and to design partial frameworks and custom abutments, while D4D was showcasing its E4D Compass that provides an all-in-one solution for surgical and restorative planning, along with E4D Flash multi-line scanner for models, dies and impressions, and VOIS (Voice Over Internet Support). 

EnvisionTEC showcased its Ultra 2 Model Printer that produces up to 12 models and removabale dies every 2 hours, or 32 full partials every 4 hours. Weiland, meanwhile, introduced the Zenotec T1 milling system and sold its first unit on the floor at Lab Day.

Zahn Dental Prosthetic Specialist Adam Prewitt  compared the system’s operations to that of a jukebox, as labs can plan jobs right from single dies and implant abutments, crowns and bridges to full arch models in the Zenotec CAD program and implement them with the the ZENO CAM program. The programs are easy to understand and can be controlled by a simple mouse click.

“The lab loads all the discs (representing a variety of restorations) and the arm comes over and grabs it like a juke box would,” Prewitt said. “Just like that you’re good to go. Ready to rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a dry milling unit that can do full cast crowns. With this you definitely have material selection.”

The high-performance, compact system also can mill models and can quickly and affordably produce temporaries. After the system automatically selects the suitable ZENO disc, it mills simultaneously along 5-axes anatomically and puts the used disc back into the stack.




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