Product Launch: Pelton & Crane Spirit 3800

1 03 2010

Pelton & Crane introduced what it considers to be a “breakthrough” dental delivery unit, the Spirit 3800 Rear Delivery Unit. With independent doctor’s and assistant’s delivery arms, the unit provides range of motion and positioning capabilities that will allow the doctors and their staff to ergonomically achieve over 23 different procedural positions.

Integration options, such as the KaVo COMFORTdrive and TLC electric motors and handpieces, intraoral camera, scaler and curing light, offer efficient solutions designed to reduce procedure time. The Spirit 3800 boasts 12 total instrument positions.

“Workflow optimization and integration of today’s best technologies in your dental practice can increase productivity and reduce wasted time,” said Andrew McIlveen, Senior Product Manager, of Pelton & Crane. “The improvement of efficiency, both during and in-between procedures, will positively influence the dental practice’s bottom line.”

The Spirit 3800 Rear Delivery Unit combined with the Spirit family of Dental Chairs, Renaissance Collection of Dental Furniture, the Helios 3000 LED Operating Lights and integrated KaVo Electric Motors and Handpieces establishes an efficient, healthy environment for doctors, patients and staff members alike.

For more information on the Spirit 3800 Rear Delivery Unit, please contact Pelton & Crane at 800-659-6560, or visit




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