Pride Institute Technology Expo offers hands-on experience, CE

11 10 2010

Through its Technology Expo, the Pride Institute provided a full circle experience for this year’s show attendees.

Not only did attendees have a chance to experience this year’s Pride Institute “Best of Class” technology winners first hand, they also had the opportunity to take in CE that was offered at the expo all three days.

This year’s technology fair winners and exhibitors included: Sirona Dental Systems’ CEREC AC for digital impressions and for CAD/CAM; Discus Dental’s NV Laser; Tekscan’s T-Scan; Air Techniques’ Spectra caries detection device; The Dexis Platinum Digital Sensor; Gendex’s GXCB-500; and Henry Schein’s Dentrix G4. Attendees had the chance to watch demonstrations and have a hands-on experience with each winning technology.

Saturday’s show ended with a reception at the expo that drew some of dentistry’s key opinion leaders and biggest names, including DPR Technology Editor Dr. John Flucke and John Semmelmayer, CEO of Discus Dental, something Pride Institute President Lou Shuman said was great to see.

CE continued at the expo throughout the show and covered a variety of topics, including  social media, what to consider before purchasing a new technology and determing ROI.

“We look forward to many years of collaboration (with the ADA) and providing the dental community with the best advice in the field of new and existing technology,” Dr. Shuman said.

Preventech launches prophy paste at ADA

11 10 2010

MAXmin prophy paste with NuFluor features a fluoride, calcium and phosphate chemistry designed specifically for prophy paste. Sweetened with xylitol, this prophy paste goes on easy without splatter, is tough on stain and rinses to a clean finish.

Rich Schuch recives awared from The Pride Institute

11 10 2010

President of the Pride Institute Dr. Lou Shuman (left) and CEO Amy Morgan (right) present Rich Schuch with a "Best in Class" monument.

For the first time, The Pride Institute honored an individual with a “Best in Class” monument.

Pride Institute President Dr. Lou Shuman and CEO Amy Morgan presented Rich Schuch, the ADA’s Senior Manager of Program development, with the award on Sunday afternoon at the ADA

“He put his heart and soul into assuring us this would be everything we hoped it would be,” Dr. Shuman said. “Without that partnership and the ADA responding with this level of focus to create this event, it never would have been what it was.”

Sunday’s Education in the Round features patient testimonial

11 10 2010

Chris Schable is feeling more confident these days.

Earlier this year, he underwent the NeXsmile procedure, which took his smile from something “unsightly” to something that looked more like what you would see in the movies, said Dr. Ben Young, chief executive officer of Voxelogix. Chris told his smile transformation story during Sunday morning’s Education in the Round, while Dr. Young and Dr. Steve Schmitt were also on hand to demonstrate the NeXsmile procedure.

The technology starts with a three-dimensional CT scan to virtually design the ideal smile for patients like Chris. In this case, the doctor created a custom fitted titanium-milled prosthesis.

In an eight hour procedure, patients can have their teeth removed, implants placed and their new teeth placed, and they can do this all in their personal dentist’s office rather than needing to go to a specialist. The patient then has to come in for a few post-op visits before they receive their permanent teeth, which is usually three to four months after the initial procedure.

Chris has had his permanent teeth for about two weeks now, and said he doesn’t have to deal with the pain or insecurities his old smile brought him. He’s appreciative of what this procedure has done for him, which is why he was happy to share his story at Sunday’s Education in the Round.

“It’s still setting in, but a lot of old insecurities are gone,” he said. “I talk a lot at work meetings, and I’m much more comfortable with it now.”

Patterson and CarieScan

10 10 2010

CarieScan, a leading producer of handheld devices for the early detection and monitoring of tooth decay, has announced signing an exclusive agreement with Patterson Dental for distribution of the CarieScan PRO in the U.S. It makes its first appearance with the distributor here at ADA.

The CarieScan PRO is an accurate, easy-to-use, handheld device for the early detection and monitoring of dental caries (tooth decay).

“This agreement is of particular significance to CarieScan and its parent company, 3D Diagnostics Imaging Ltd., as it marks the transformation of the group from a product development business to a commercial enterprise with significant growth potential,” said Graham Lay, chief executive officer of 3D Diagnostics Imaging.

Added John Bettencourt, vice president of marketing, equipment and technical service of Patterson Dental: “We are delighted to have reached agreement with CarieScan to distribute this exciting new technology. We believe that the U.S. market will show substantial interest in the adoption of the CarieScan PRO as its dental decay detection device of choice and look forward to a year of progress.”

The CarieScan PRO measures the presence of tooth decay identifies lesions at an early stage and is more than 90% accurate in detecting sound and carious teeth.

The CarieScan PRO makes reliable early identification of caries possible. The device provides accurate and repeatable data to monitor caries over time, enabling timely preventative treatment while supporting evidence- based care plans.

For more information on CarieScan, visit

Practice Management Update: Kodak

10 10 2010

On the heels of its recent name change, Carestream Dental LLC, the exclusive manufacturer of KODAK Dental Systems, is rolling out three, all-new solutions that revolutionize office workflow for dental professionals. Carestream Dental’s new Scheduler, eForms and eReminders solutions help practices realize substantial savings in time and money; reduce clerical errors; and take patient care and customer service to new heights.

“Together, these three solutions improve communication among the professionals that staff the typical dental practice and better connect dentists to their patients,” said Robert Patrick, Director, Product Line Management, Carestream Dental. “The challenges dental offices faced 20 years ago are still present, getting your patients scheduled and keeping your chairs full, but thanks to the advancement of technology doctors are ready to make a change. We understand those challenges, and we are focused on improving and optimizing the most critical and repetitive workflows.”

The Carestream Dental Scheduler − available for both SoftDentand PracticeworksPractice Management Software in early 2011 –allows intuitive multi-tasking for smooth transitions between administrative duties and places a library of patient information at office administrators’ fingertips. The Scheduler solves real-world workflow slowdowns using simple, effective technology. By streamlining office processes, the Scheduler helps to ensure every chair is filled.

In addition, Carestream Dental’s eForms not only advances paperless initiatives within the dental practice but also streamlines the time-consuming process of completing patient pre-registration forms. Anticipated for market release in fall 2010, practice professionals can use eForms to create patient registrations, medical histories, consent forms, HIPAA forms and muchmore. eForms enables patients to complete their registration paperwork online and at their convenience —either at home or a computer kiosk in a dental office —prior to an appointment. Following submission, a patient’s registration information imports directly into an office’s SoftDent Practice Management Software, improving accuracy, eliminating time wasted by manually reentering the information and saving the practice supply costs.  Patients can then digitally sign the form when they arrive for their appointment.

With Carestream Dental’s new eReminders, available now,dental professionals gain the ability to automate patient reminders for upcoming appointments, which decreases no-shows and last-minute cancellations. It also boosts production and increases time available for patient care. The flexibility of eReminders lets your patients choose whether to receive reminders via a text message, voicemail or e-mail message, enabling the most successful preferred for each patient. Since each is a paperless option, this further saves practices the cost of materials and postage for mail notifications.

For more information, click here.

Instrumentarium’s New Digital Pan

10 10 2010

At the ADA Press Luncheon this week, Instrumentarium was excited to share information about its new digital panoramic imaging system, the Orthopantomograph OP30.

A digital pan unit designed for every dental office and small imaging centers demanding top quality at a competitive price, the OP30 combines distinctive design and reliable quality with professional tools for standard panoramic imaging needs. Its straightforward operation and integrated 5.7 inch touch screen makes imaging fast and user-friendly. Other features include:

  • Stable 5-point patient positioning
  • Optimal imaging geometry
  • Adjustable anterior layer position with three positioning lights
  • High frequency tube head design
  • High resolution CCD imaging sensor
  • V-shaped collimation optimizes image quality
  • Versatile software tools to enhance diagnostic capabilities

For more information, click here.