Product launches, pre-launches, and sneak peaks at Lab Day

1 03 2010

Whether it was wider aisles, adjusted display configuration, lower attendance, or diverted attention to continuing education offerings, the 2010 Lab Day Chicago exhibition had a more casual feel this year balanced by excitement at the vendor booths due to multiple introductions of equipment, supplies, and technologies as well as hints at what to expect from manufacturers in the coming months.

The 3Shape Dental System 2010 will be launched later this year.

For example, 3Shape previewed its Dental Systems 2010 CAD software with a large-monitor display and hands-on trial runs of the expanded features, such as virtual articulation, design of removable partials as well as implant bars and bridges.In addition, the Danish company launched the upgraded CAMbridge CAM software and displayed its latest D710 Multi Die 3D scanner, which will allow for the scanning of up to six individual dies in a single batch.

Also in software news, Laserdenta introduced implant planning software modules for both clinical and laboratory applications; Schütz has updated its TiZian CAD.CAM software; Atlanta Based Systems management software now allows for FDA lot tracking in addition to wireless barcoding capabilities and peripheral LCD monitors for viewing slideshow-type charts and graphs away from a central computer station; Magic Touch Software introduced the Lab Connex communications unit

DENTSPLY Prosthetics displayed the new CeramFire line of ceramic furnaces (the CeramFireS is available now, the P and T versions are coming soon), The Cercon Heat Plus large-capacity sintering oven, and the beefed-up Cercon Brain Expert milling machine (which had been previewed at the 2009 Cal-Lab meeting as the Cercon Brain II).

Dentsply's Cercon system now includes the robust Cercon Brain Expert miller and Cercon Heat Plus oven.

KerrLab was pre-launching its popular waxing equipment line composed of the Ultra-Waxer 2 electronic waxer, the Wet-Waxer 2 warming bath, and the Micro-Dip 2 wax dipping unit.

Whip Mix brought out its new InStep line of casting waxes that includes dipping, carving, and blockout waxes formulated for compatibility.

Zephyrus brushes are lathed from custom-selected exotic woods to fit the individual ceramist's hand.

New partnerships also were announced or hinted at, new companies made their debuts at the show, and international manufacturers were present and seeking U.S. distributors. Metalor USA will soon have the Cendres+Métaux USA moniker stemming from its merger with the Swiss company; Dentaurum is ramping up its presence on the U.S. market after several dormant years; Dr. John Pawlus from Uni-Pin launched Zephyrus with hand-crafted custom-made ceramist brushes and magnetic holders; Ibex Dental Technologies launched the Summit porcelain oven, engineered by president Daniel Serrago of Garland Dental Repair; Lincoln Dental will now carry the product lines of M.P.F. Techlight Co. of Greece; industry veteran David Grimes is expanding One Source Dental from an outsource provider to a CAD/CAM equipment supplier; private-label bur manufacturer Mastercut Tool Corp. will now supply its rotary instruments direct to labs; and Reitel equipment is now offered exclusively in North America through Americana Dental. Other partnerships still in the works were discussed, but remain privileged until the papers are signed.



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