Product Launch: Cleankeys’ one-wipe-clean keyboard

27 02 2010

Among all common surfaces, keyboards are one of the most germ-infested. Studies show that in medical environments, keyboards are known to spread infection more than any other surface.

“Viruses like H1N1 and other infectious diseases are most commonly spread through people’s hands and shared computer keyboards, but Cleankeys stops that spread,” says Randy Marsden, CEO of Cleankeys Inc. “Computers are used in every dentist office in North America and infection control regulations are becoming increasingly strict.”

The one-wipe-clean wireless keyboard from Cleankeys has proven that it has the ability to become completely sterilized with a single wipe using a disinfecting cloth. Clinical trials show that 99.9% of all bacteria is killed on the smooth surface of the Cleankeys keyboard.

“Just wipe it down and it’s ready for the next patient,” says Dr. Doug Stringham, DDS.



One response

16 08 2010
New Computer Keyboard

Yip, that will come in handy and from what you said and the design it will be extremely easy to clean. Therefore very hygienic.

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