Patterson and CarieScan

10 10 2010

CarieScan, a leading producer of handheld devices for the early detection and monitoring of tooth decay, has announced signing an exclusive agreement with Patterson Dental for distribution of the CarieScan PRO in the U.S. It makes its first appearance with the distributor here at ADA.

The CarieScan PRO is an accurate, easy-to-use, handheld device for the early detection and monitoring of dental caries (tooth decay).

“This agreement is of particular significance to CarieScan and its parent company, 3D Diagnostics Imaging Ltd., as it marks the transformation of the group from a product development business to a commercial enterprise with significant growth potential,” said Graham Lay, chief executive officer of 3D Diagnostics Imaging.

Added John Bettencourt, vice president of marketing, equipment and technical service of Patterson Dental: “We are delighted to have reached agreement with CarieScan to distribute this exciting new technology. We believe that the U.S. market will show substantial interest in the adoption of the CarieScan PRO as its dental decay detection device of choice and look forward to a year of progress.”

The CarieScan PRO measures the presence of tooth decay identifies lesions at an early stage and is more than 90% accurate in detecting sound and carious teeth.

The CarieScan PRO makes reliable early identification of caries possible. The device provides accurate and repeatable data to monitor caries over time, enabling timely preventative treatment while supporting evidence- based care plans.

For more information on CarieScan, visit



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