Product Launch: Owandy USA and Ashtel Dental’s Visteo

26 02 2010

Visteo is the first digital x-ray sensor to use magnetic induction (patented exclusively by Owandy), combined with integrated positioning and versatile 360 degree angulator rotation. Its liberating design makes it a groundbreaking advancement in the world of dental imaging, allowing practitioners more mobility and ease in working with patients.

“The Owandy Visteo is an innovation prized intra-oral sensor that features magnetic induction that makes it very easy to use since the cable isn’t fixed and the sensor can be attached and detached with a snap,” says Anish Patel, CEO of Owandy USA.  “The sensor also rotates and is more comfortable for patients.”

Visteo’s  design is said to revolutionize the practitioner and patient experience with more comfortable sensors which are smaller, thinner and designed with rounded edges for patient comfort.  The sensor’s full rotation function makes it more convenient and faster to reposition in the mouth of the patient.

Beyond ease and comfort features, Visteo provides true resolution greater than 20 pl/mm, making it one of the highest real resolution sensors on the market.  Technical Specifications can be found at:

Visteo features seven pre-defined sensor positions or an infinite number of positions using its free angulation option. It also features parallel positioning or the option to position it with the bisecting technique.

“Visteo has already received the professional innovation prize at ADS Dental Fair in Paris,” says Patel.

For a product brochure on Visteo, click here.




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