AADOM fills day two with more education, fun

23 10 2010

Find your inner leader.

Keynote speaker Katherine Eitel began Saturday’s AADOM conference with “Lioness Leadership: Awaken the Instinctive Leader in You,” encouraging attendees to tap into their potential as well as to look for potential in the people around them.

“The greatest leaders I’ve seen in my life, it’s not about what they’re doing but how they’re being,” she said. “Leadership is really personal growth. You can’t lead others if you can’t lead yourself.”

Eitel talked about the importance of making mind shifts to become better leaders and the way great leaders think, speak and act. It’s important to challenge your belief system, she said, because that opens up so many great possibilities both personally and professionally.

The day continued with industry sessions with a variety of manufacturers, including Lighthouse Management, CareCredit, Patterson Dental and The Consulting U. During lunch, attendees had the opportunity to ask questions of the expert panel, which included Eitel and Lois Banta of the Speaking Consulting Network.  Questions about oral cancer screening, insurance and getting doctors more excited about the morning huddle were among the many topics the panel addressed.




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