The dentist/office manager relationship

22 10 2010

 Though they may not always say it, the dentists you work with do appreciate what you do.

During the lunch break Friday afternoon, Chicago dentist Dr. William Simon talked about all the important things his office manager, Adriana Manning, has done for his practice over the years and how vital she’s been in the practice’s success. He also took the time to give attendees advice on how they can build stronger relationships with their dentists and see even more success in their offices.

 “If I could sum up in one sentence what an office manager means to me, I would say my office manager improves my quality of life,” he said.  “As the Mastercard ads go, that’s priceless.”

Dentistry has evolved into a more complex business over the years, he said, and office managers have become an essential part of making a practice successful.  Knowing this, there are plenty of ways to improve the relationship between office manager and dentist.  Communication is critical, and goals should be set for the doctor, the office manager and the practice. The office manager and the doctor should know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Let the doctor know what you’re doing every day and make sure you understand your doctor’s definition of success and that it’s something you can get excited about.

 At the end of the talk, Dr. Simon read a letter that he wrote to nominate Manning for AADOM’s annual Office Manager of the Year award. He talked about all she’s done for his practice over the years, from helping him modernize his office to helping him rebuild twice—once  after a fire and once after a sudden notice to vacate. The letter nominating Manning, who was chosen as one of DPR’s Top 25 Women in Dentistry, shows how much dentists notice and appreciate what their office managers do.




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