Sunday’s Education in the Round features patient testimonial

11 10 2010

Chris Schable is feeling more confident these days.

Earlier this year, he underwent the NeXsmile procedure, which took his smile from something “unsightly” to something that looked more like what you would see in the movies, said Dr. Ben Young, chief executive officer of Voxelogix. Chris told his smile transformation story during Sunday morning’s Education in the Round, while Dr. Young and Dr. Steve Schmitt were also on hand to demonstrate the NeXsmile procedure.

The technology starts with a three-dimensional CT scan to virtually design the ideal smile for patients like Chris. In this case, the doctor created a custom fitted titanium-milled prosthesis.

In an eight hour procedure, patients can have their teeth removed, implants placed and their new teeth placed, and they can do this all in their personal dentist’s office rather than needing to go to a specialist. The patient then has to come in for a few post-op visits before they receive their permanent teeth, which is usually three to four months after the initial procedure.

Chris has had his permanent teeth for about two weeks now, and said he doesn’t have to deal with the pain or insecurities his old smile brought him. He’s appreciative of what this procedure has done for him, which is why he was happy to share his story at Sunday’s Education in the Round.

“It’s still setting in, but a lot of old insecurities are gone,” he said. “I talk a lot at work meetings, and I’m much more comfortable with it now.”




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