3DIC: Yes, we scan

26 06 2010

Dr. Terry Myers

In his presentation, Dr. Terry Myers discussed the variety of fields of view available—small, medium, full and extended—and how the perspective gained from each best suits the needs of specific specialties or the general practice. In our post-podium interview, Dr. Myers addressed the misperception that CBCT is only useful for dentists placing a high volume of implants. He acknowledged that when he was first looking into purchasing a CBCT unit, he thought it would be all about implants, but today, is amazed at how much he uses it with a variety of tasks.

Among the many questions that attendees shared—about insurance issues, narratives, etc.—one that stood out was the concern about the “burden” of reading scans and the liability associated with it — is it just too much work? Dr. Myers was quick to point out that the scans themselves are quick, but yes, each one needs to be read. In his practice, it takes roughly 15 to 20 minutes to go through each data set, and he generally takes time on quieter days—such as Fridays—to do that. For him, the process isn’t “burdensome,” especially considering how much information he has at the end.

The main take-away: “I don’t see how you can practice dentistry today or in the future without it,” he said.




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