3DIC: Why treat today’s patients with yesterday’s technology?

26 06 2010

Dr. Walter Chitwood

The biggest thing stopping most dentists from investing in CBCT technology is fear. And when it comes to listing those fears, Dr. Walter Chitwood has heard them all: Cost, liability, where am I going to put it, will staff learn it, will I see the ROI everyone keeps promising…and the list goes on.

He spent the morning trying to dispel those fears and put attendees’ minds at ease. From where he’s standing, cone beam technology has only improved the situation at his Murfreesboro, TN practice.

In our post-podium interview with Dr. Chitwood, he shared just how amazed he was with how patient flow and production have increased since acquiring his i-CAT.

“In my non-technology days, where we used primarily 2D images, models, etc., we had an initial treatment acceptance rate of 33%-35% and an ultimate acceptance rate of just over 50%. Now, with 3D technology, the initial acceptance is in the mid 50s and ultimate acceptance is over 70%,” he shared. “We’ve seen a huge increase in production in our practice in a year where a lot of other places were experiencing a slump. I didn’t gain more clinical expertise — I attribute the rise entirely to this technology.”




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