3DIC: The Future is Coming…

26 06 2010

Dr. Larry Emmott

…and it will be amazing.

That is the theme to almost every lecture Dr. Larry Emmott gives, but this weekend, there was a different energy as he described an environment where cone beam technology, the power of the Internet, and even artificial intelligence come together to dramatically enhance the dentist and patient experience.

In our post-podium interview, he elaborated on some of the lecture’s main points.

First and foremost, it is important for dentists to understand that “going digital” and even being “high-tech”means more than just purchasing a single product and, to be honest, more than just products in general. Being a digital, technology-centered office means opening up a whole new world, according to Dr. Emmott. In his view, combining the digital data that technology provides (scans, photos, digital impressions) with the Internet allows dentists to store, transfer and enhance that data on a global scale.

“If I have a digital impression of a jaw that I can look at in three dimensions, I am no longer limited to viewing it myself or with a local colleague,” he said. “I can put it in the ‘cloud’ and have the best minds in the profession looking at it and offering me advice.”

In his predictions on what’s next, Dr. Emmott shared how the cloud helps facilitate the creation of expert systems (also known as Artificial Intelligence), that will some day be able to help dentists analyze, diagnose, treatment plan and even offer recommendations for additional diagnostic aids.




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