3DIC: It’s not the Scan, it’s the Plan

26 06 2010

Dr. Scott Ganz

Cone beam pioneer Dr. Scott Ganz has used the technology for decades now, but spoke about the recent developments that have gotten him excited about CBCT’s impact on the dental industry.

At his post-podium interview, Dr. Ganz described the “remarkable evolution” that has allowed the technology to expand from radiologists in hospital settings to dental practices. He mentioned that the recent advances with i-CAT and Gendex sytems are helping provide numerous benefits to both the patient and the doctor. One myth he wanted to bust, was a belief by some that CBCT is really geared most toward practices heavy into implants.

“It’s way beyond just dental implants,” Dr. Ganz said. “It’s really a cross platform, cross speciality technology.”

He also stressed that there’s a lot more to just taking the scan, thus he shared his slogan: “It’s not the scan. It’s the plan,”

Now that CBCT is providing dentists with a slew of great information, what’s next? With many users having been taught 2D in dental school, it’s critical that they now know how to take this new 3D data and diagnose and treatment plan in ways in which the patient comes away with the best possible care.

Events such as the 3-D Dental Imaging Congress are a great source of developing these skills, he said.




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