3DIC: CBCT and Your Network

26 06 2010

Steven McEvoy

It’s easy to forget that when incorporating new technology such as cone beam, that planning for the back end and networking your practice correctly is essential to overall success. Steven McEvoy, President of MME Consulting, was here this weekend to remind attendees that they need to work closely with their IT partners to ensure things come together well.

In our post-podium interview, McEvoy focused on the fact that 3D data requires some additional considerations, including these three key things:

1. An up-to-date back-up system to make sure you don’t risk losing all this new data

2. Server space — bigger than traditional 2D files, there needs to be able storage room for your 3D data

3. The ability to transfer data quickly — part of the fun and benefit of these types of scans is the ability to share them easily with referring or referred doctors, so make sure your equipment is up to speed

As far as the financial investment to get the back-end up to speed, McEvoy says that practices with a more modern network are probably in good shape. In general, the cost of getting IT involved is around a couple hundred dollars and well worth the expense. McEvoy also recommends that dentists reach out to the IT side at the same time they are firming the commitment of the purchase, allowing ample time to bring the practice’s network in line with the new requirements.




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