3DIC: Are you happy?

26 06 2010

Dr. Mark Tholen

Are you happy seems like a big question to ask (or try to answer) in a weekend. More importantly, what does it have to do with cone beam technology?

Dr. Mark Tholen, in his lecture, looked at the reasons why some practices with CBCT are successful and others are not, revealing the common denominators among dentists who see the benefits. In his post-podium interview, he gets into the bigger picture of general happiness and success, how we define these things (more money, or more time for family, or more time for hobbies), and then how the built environment of the practice and operatory help facilitate that success and bring the values of the dentist in line with the way he or she is presented through the practice’s design.

He ended our conversation by stressing the importance of dental professionals being good stewards of their most valuable instrument—their bodies—and how technology helps lighten the load and lessen the repetition for both dentists and their teams.

The complete video interview will be available later this weekend.




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