Congress on 3-D Imaging kicks off

25 06 2010

The 4th International Congress on 3-D Dental Imaging kicked off Friday morning in beautiful La Jolla, Calif.

Henrik Roos, President of Danaher Imaging Group, told the attendees that it’s time to “take treatments to a higher level,” and added, “Digital 3D dentistry is the future.

The audience then split into two groups, with  i-CAT owners listening to Cindy Rotherberg, RDH, BS give a lecture on Marketing with Technology, while Dr. Terry Myers lectured on Fields of Views to a group on attendees interested in adding CBCT technology to thier practice.

Rotherberg stressed that practices that have added i-CAT technology to their offices make sure  to let everyone know. She said “Shout what you do” and even talked of offices throwing parties to let referring doctors know about the cone beam addition, and in many cases new users have offered free scans to attract doctors as well as possible implant patients.

Dr. Myers, meanwhile, demonstrated how third party software works with i-CAT systems and how easy cone beam technology is for practices to adopt. The Missouri dentist, whose practice is big into implants also covered ADA codes, practice server tips, radiographic guides, guided molar cases, and more.

Look for videos and more live updates from LaJolla this weekend.




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