The top 20 ways to help your practice grow

29 05 2010

Every 5 minutes and 30 seconds, Discus Dental Extravaganza attendees heard about another way to grow their practice.

During the morning session, Dr. Bill Dorfman and Steve Anderson took turns sharing practice growing tips, from building professional relationships, to creating that “wow” experience for patients to ditching your morning huddle meeting for a morning opportunity meeting. In all, audience members took away 20 tips to apply in their practice.

Dr. Dorfman also took time to give out more raffle prizes from exhibitors such as Kodak Dental Systems and Jameson Management.

Saturday continued with talks from Dr. Jon Kois, Cathy and Dr. John Jameson, Kristy Menage Bernie, RHD,  Dr. Chris Owens, Dr. E. Steve Senia and Dr. John Schoeffel. The show will finish Sunday with lectures from Dr. Gary Radz, Dr. Robert Ritter, Dr. Raymond Bertolotti and Dr. Thomas Nabors III.



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