Fred Joyal helps attendees conquer their fears

29 05 2010

Be fearless.

That’s the message Fred Joyal, CEO and Co-Founder of 1-800-Dentist, wanted Discus Dental Extravaganza attendees to take away from his keynote address Saturday morning at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

All too often dentists fear communicating with their patients about the value of dentistry, Joyal said. People in general fear taking risk and are resistant to change. We fear rejection and failure. But there are ways to overcome these fears, Joyal said, from simply taking a few deep breaths and just relaxing to having the insight to see what’s real and what’s irrational.

You can’t let your fears control your life and keep you from your goals and true happiness, Joyal said. If you’re scared of something, it just means you have to work on it.

“I can live with failing,” Joyal said. “I can’t live with failing to try.”
Remember patients also have irrational fears that control their decisions, and many of them are associated with going to the dentist. Health care professionals have to help them see that dentistry is the greatest investment people can make, Joyal said, and instead of being afraid of dentistry they should be afraid of no dentistry.

The most important thing about fear, whether it’s your fear or a patient’s, is what it holds us back from doing. Failures are important parts of life and are the best way to realize success. People will forget your failures, but it’s the things you don’t do that you’ll regret.

“I wish for you one thing,” Joyal said to the group at the end of his talk. “The audacity to become the person you really want to be.”




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