Veteran reporter Tom Brokaw serves as Friday’s keynote speaker

28 05 2010

One of the most trusted, most respected figures in broadcast journalism began this year’s Discus Dental Extravaganza with a call to action.

“Let’s have a conversation this morning about who we are, where we’ve been and where we might be going,” Brokaw said. “Not as dentists or suppliers or onlookers, but as citizens.”

Tom Brokaw speaks at the Discus Dental Extravaganza

Brokaw talked about some of the people he interviewed for his book, The Greatest Generation, and the challenges they’ve faced and the scarifies they’ve made. The Americans featured in this book grew up during the Great Depression and World War II, and have great stories of struggle and survival. He shared some of their stories and talked about some of the many events he’s covered over his 38-year career, reminding the audience that this isn’t the first time Americans have been challenged, and the fact they overcame these challenges was no accident.  

He spoke about the young men and women who are serving this country today, and the families who worry about them from home. He encouraged everyone in the room to do their part, what he described as a “fundamental obligation,” to reach out to these soldiers and their families.  

“Every day we have to get up and metaphorically raise our hands, re-enlist as citizens once again and reach out to those protecting our national security,” he said.

He also called on audience members to serve as role models for the younger generations and to help them continue the American dream so that their grandchildren will one day, too, live to be part of The Greatest Generation.

“This is a rare opportunity to pause and figure out where to go,” Brokaw said. “To reach out to young people and share our values and a sense for a common destiny.”




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