Karaoke and CE?

28 05 2010

It’s time to get excited about what you do. It’s time to think outside of the box.

That’s the mind set Stephanie Lodding, RDH, wanted her class in as she started her talk, “Bacteria Busters: The Hygiene CSI of the Mouth,” Friday afternoon, and that’s why she got everyone up and encouraged them to sing along with her to Gretchen Wilson’s “I’m here for the party.”

Changing her mindset changed her career path, she said, and got her excited about coming to work every day. She no longer waits until her patients have 5 or 6 mm pocket depths and more destruction in their mouths before taking action and treating their periodontal disease. Instead, she encourages them to have bacterial testing so she can see what is truly going on in their mouths and what she needs to do to correct it.

The test is quick and easy to use and shows your patients their bacteria levels with color coded results—essentially doing the talking for you and making it easy for your patients to see their level of infection. The test also tells you if the patient has bacteria that are resistant to scaling and root planing.

 Not all patients agree to the test right away, she said, but you have to stick with these patients and educate them about the importance of a healthy mouth and the reality of the oral-systemic link. Once you gain their trust and they agree to the testing, case acceptance will improve and you’ll be much more effective in getting those patients to good health.

“As hard as we try, sometimes we can’t get it all,” Lodding said. “That’s why we need to have bacterial testing.”

Lodding’s course wasn’t the only one attendees had the chance to sit in on Friday afternoon. Tina Calloway, CDA, Dr. Dennis Wells, Dr. Chris Owens, Dr. E. Steve Senia, Dr. John Schoeffel and Fred Joyal round out the list of speakers.



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