Live Video: Water Pik

27 02 2010

Water Pik Senior Professional Relations Manager Carol Jahn discusses the Waterpik Water Flosser at the Chicago Dental Society’s 2010 Midwinter Meeting.




One response

28 02 2010
Lorri Anson Denman

Hi Carol, I don’t know if you remember me, I was in your hygiene class at Iowa. So good to see your articles in the journals and your promotion of the Waterpik. The waterpik has been one of the most effective and not to mention the easiest tool that I could ever recommend to help patients achieve their dental health. It can be used at any age, really effective with orthodontic patients and patients that present perio pockets, and even the elderly patients that have recession with furcation involvement. I love this tool!!!! I’m so proud to see someone in my hygiene class educating other hygienists. Remember way back when in hygiene school, we were not able to recommend waterpik alone without flossing. Oh how far we have come! I wish you well in your future endevors! Kay Mescher would be very proud of your efforts! Lorri Anson Denman

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