Xylitol-based candy promotes oral health

26 02 2010

The founders of Dr. John’s Candies, Dr. John Bruinsma and his wife, Debra, have developed sugar free sweets that provide preventative oral care for all people.

It’s not just lillipops anymore. The Couple has expanded its line, SimplyXylitol, to include chewy caramels, chocolates, drinks and more. Even flavored sweetners for coffee.

“There’s so much potential for people like our troops serving in the field,” Debra Bruinsman explained. “I had a guy tell me he hadn’t taken a shower in 6 months.” I can’t imagine what his oral health care was like.”

Dr. John’s SimplyXylitol products are prepared with xylitol as a main ingredient. Xylitol is proven to break down harmful oral bacteria and prevent cavities.

“Dental professionals can encourage their patients to get six to 10 grams per day to receive a beneficial amount of xylitol,” Debra Bruinsman said.

Dr. John Bruinsman said that in addition to all the benefits associated with xylitol and oral health, the sugar alternative can also help new mothers protect their unborn children from tooth decay.

“It can decrease a child’s risk of tooth dacay,” Dr. John Bruinsman said.



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