WOW Oral Care launches new whitening, hygiene products

26 02 2010

Combining fast-acting whitening with oral health benefits, Spraywhite® Pro and WOW® Powdered Oral Rinse were both launched by California-based WOW Oral Care at the Chicago Dental Society’s 2010 Midwinter Meeting. Designed to work together as a system, or as individual products, the two launches reportedly reduce biofilm and kill harmful oral bacteria while performing their main functions of whitening teeth and freshening breath.

The Spraywhite Pro is a chairside version of the company’s Spraywhite 90 that features a stronger concentration of the whitening agents that can whitening some patients’ teeth by two shades in just 90 seconds. Working via a simple spray application, followed by 90-seconds of rinsing, the product’s concentrated hydrogen peroxide can take affect on the teeth before being diluted by saliva. During the process of whitening, it reportedly can remove biofilm and kill bacteria.

The Oral Rinse is designed for use immediately after application of the whitening product, or as an adjunct to brushing and flossing. Featuring a sodium bicarbonate formula, it reduces post-whitening sensitivity and freshens breath. A clinical study shows the use of the rinse reduces anaerobic bacterial levels and leaves the user with an increased saliva pH level for close to an hour. While it is available commercially as a homecare product, it also can be used in clinical settings as a pre-prophy appointment rinse.

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