Product Launch: VeriFresh hygiene products

26 02 2010

The entire line of VeriFresh products

Looking to make an impact on the U.S. homecare and hygiene markets, Israel-based VeriFresh, Ltd. used the Chicago Dental Society’s 2010 Midwinter Meeting to launch a range of products. The VeriFlosser, VeriFresh gum massager, VeriFresh tongue cleaner and Fresh Breath Gel were all introduced at the meeting.

Designed for use at home, and to make it easier for hygienists to floss patients’ teeth during prophy appointments, the VeriFlosser features a rotating floss head that can be twisted 360º without being removed from the ergonomically-shaped handle. This reportedly makes accessing any part of the mouth easier for both patients and hygienists. The proprietary head design has a wavy shape that is said to allow the floss to surround teeth much like it does when traditional dental floss is used.

The VeriFresh gum massager is designed to  stimulate the gum area with its soft head. The concave design of the massager head can hold gum care gels for easy application, while soft, oval protrusions provide the massage action.

VeriFresh’s tongue cleaner features a head with multiple plastic ribs designed to effectively remove bacteria and other materials from the surface of the tongue. Available in a Fresh Breath Kit with the Gel which can be applied to the ribs of the cleaner to provide a more thorough cleaning.

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