Jensen’s Clarity event shows European flair

26 02 2010

From the presenters to the attendees to the very venue itself, Jensen Dental’s Clarity Education Day held today at the Swissôtel exhibited a particularly European vibe. Instructors from Europe and/or trained by European master technicians shared their knowledge of restorative techniques being developed or perfected across the sea to an audience that reflected their own international flavor.

Peter Pizzi, CDT, MDT, conducts a Town Hall-style lecture on PFM restorations.

From large-format, widescreen-projection lectures for a 500-person, standing-room-only crowd to more-intimate tabletop hands-on demonstrations and small-format Town Hall presentations, the focus was on materials.

Hands-on demonstrations allowed up-close interaction with expert technicians.

Sascha Hein, MDT combined formats with a hands-on demonstration of porcelain layering techniques projected onto the big screen before a full house, Technicians were shoulder-to-shoulder craning the necks to get a view of the the breakout sessions with about 10 hands-on demonstrations. German technician Jürgen Mehrhof, MDT, presented the keynote lecture on innovative techniques for implant-retained multi-unit restorations using metal, ceramic, and zirconia materials combined with hand layering, pressing, CAD/CAM, and electroforming techniques.

Everyone had the opportunity to end the day of learning together at the evening reception with cocktails and hors d’oeuvres while talking both shop and non-shop.

The Clarity Event continues Saturday showcased by a panel discussion on technology.




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