Collecting history

26 02 2010

Some attendees are interested in antiques, and obviously all are into dentistry. Friday afternoon, dental collector Dr. Samuel Wexler of Richmond, Ill. spoke to many attendees interested in both.

Dr. Wexler’s lecture on dental antique collecting included many old photos and a lot of stories about interesting places, people and old dental equipment. Long before the days of eBay, Dr. Wexler began collecting dental chairs, old instruments and plenty of now-obsolete equipment. His collection features cabinets, x-rays, books and even a dentist’s diary from as early as the 1870s.Those listening to his lecture and looking at photos learned a lot of the history of dentistry and the evolution of some manufacturers and technologies.

With a basement full of antiques, it’s clear Dr. Wexler loves dentistry and its past. But he also enjoys the personal side of of his obession. Over the years he’s driven to a lot of places to meet people and acquire special items. “Half of the fun of collecting is meeting the people,” he said, noting this his son who grew up sitting in dentail chairs from a young age is now a dentist.

Dr. Wexler suggested others looking to learn more about the history of the profession look into becoming a member and attending a meeting of the American Academy of the History of Dentistry.




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