CBCT: The missing link

26 02 2010

Dr. Scott Ganz describes CBCT as “an essential tool for every type of implant case,” no matter how simple or complex, because it eliminates the guessing game. It tells you how much bone the patient has. It helps you develop a solid plan and doesn’t leave room for any surprises to come up during surgery.

The technology is there, has been for awhile, and it’s great. But Dr. Ganz and Dr. Jack T. Krauser, who presented to The Barnes Group and Friends at the Knickerbocker Hotel Friday morning, agree there are barriers to clinicians implementing this technology. Getting their lab technicians involved is one of these challenges.

So how can dentists and technicians get over this barrier? By understanding the different views CBCT offers, Dr. Ganz said. Once the team understands where the implant goes, you can create a plan. Many dentists take information from the scan and do the surgery free hand, without a template, which means they’re still playing the guessing game.  A CT-derived, lab milled template to guide the surgery will make the procedure much easier, so much so Dr. Krauser said, if you have the correct plan and the correct template, “you can do surgery with your eyes closed.”

 The Rebel 3D desktop scanner is one tool that helps make this type of detailed template possible. Labs can use this surgical station for in-lab implant surgical guide drilling. From Boomerang Dental, the scanner links key dental implant technologies and produces an accurate 5-axis, CAM-drilled surgical implant guide.

“The lab is an integral part of this equation,” Dr. Ganz said. “Putting some of these devices in the labs’ hands is going to make the process faster. We want to use labs in our communities and to deliver cases to the patients faster.”

The Barnes Group and Friends gathering ended Friday afternoon, after a full day of presenters, conversation and learning. Mike Gerard, RDT, Dr. Abramson and Eli Ganon are among those who presented at the two-day event.




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