World’s first “personal laser”

25 02 2010

Biolase iLase

After a Thursday morning press conference, Biolase Technology headed out to the trade show floor Thursday afternoon to unveil its iLase soft-tissue laser to attendees at the CMW dental meeting.
The 5W cordless laser, described as “beyond portable,” features 10 presets and 8 language options. “The iLase will provide minimally invasive procedures and hygiene procedures for everyone,” Senior Product Manager Bing Kongmebhol said. “It sets up in seconds and there are no external controls or interfaces.”
At the crowded unveiling, Biolase CEO Dave Mulder expressed excitement in the company’s second straight big announcement at the CMW. Last year Biolase launched the Waterlase MD Turbo here.
Expected to be available shortly, the iLase will be “very competitively priced,” according to Mulder, who says the nifty, pen-like instrument will provide an entry point for dentists and hygienists looking for an affordable laser that will perform a wide variety of soft-tissue treatments.



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