Colonial Dental Studio launches Smart Choice affiliate program

25 02 2010

Colonial Dental Studio is localizing national lab services.

Its affiliate program, Smart Choice Dental Laboratory, gives laboratories the opportunity to offer scanning, designing and manufacturing services while eliminating shipping costs and shortening turnaround times.

How are they doing it? Dental Wings is providing the infrastructure that pulls it all together, Dental Wings Director of International Business Development Vincent A. Munoz said during a press conference at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting Thursday afternoon. The company’s iSeries scanner can scan an impression, collect the necessary data and then transport it digitally to an affiliate lab.  The lab, with the help of the company’s software, can then use that virtual data to create a virtual model and design the restoration the doctor will actually place.

The open architecture systems make the manufacturing step easy, Munoz said, because it can interface with all technologies. The flexible system can take the digital data and send the coping to one affiliate and the crown design to another if that’s something the dentist wants to do, maximizing the technology. Someone from an affiliate lab will hand deliver the final restoration or it will be sent through the mail.

Dr. David Jarrin and Deborah Vessell use the Dental Wings scanner in their 3D Mobile Imaging van, which Dr. Jarrin said brings the entire solution to the dentist. CBVT offers the ability to treatment plan implant cases before going into surgery, while the scanner can get clinicians to the final restoration quicker, easier and cheaper.




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26 02 2010

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