No Sales Pitch Here — Just the Facts

1 12 2009

One of the main criteria that sets the Pride Institute Technology Fair apart from the usual tradeshow experience is its focus on hands-on demonstrations and education that is doctor-centered, not sales-centered.

Yesterday, we posted about how one of Pride’s main goals in establishing the Tech Fair was to provide an arena for unbiased product evaluation and CE. Here, we’ll look at the process that went into choosing the 11 Best of Class honorees as well as what this different CE model offers the attendee sitting in.



A photo of the award presented to the "Best of Class" honorees

The Pride Institute partnered with Dr. Larry Emmott, known technology columnist, to cull 11 finalists from a fairly large number of innovative new technologies. As a first step, the selection team identified four categories that would help create a roadmap for finalizing winners: Foundational, Diagnostic, Digital Highway and Emerging.

Each category had certain key factors that pushed certain products over the finish line, but broadly, “we looked at our experience with the products, as practicing clinicians,” Emmott explained, “and from there we looked at who had established trust and reliability with the dentist, the number of users of a given product, and what level of service and support the company was able to provide.:

For the Emerging category, which naturally focused on newer products with as established of a support reputation, the selection team  looked at the potential impact the product could have on the dental industry, as well as what caliber of people were standing behind the product. “It had to go beyond just being good technology,” Emmott said. “It had to be a good solution, and that really speaks to the support aspect of things.”

For other categories, such as Digital Highway (with a focus on products that help dental practices better harness the power of the Internet), the also included the breadth of services available as a key indicator of success. Who is offering the most complete solution?

The 11 products/companies recognized as “Best in Class” are so honored not just because the technology behind them is cool or even the most innovative. What Pride believes sets these companies apart is their ability to help with the integration and support that is necessary to keep great products off the shelves and in the hands of dentists.



Boaz Munnerlyn, Director of Sales for DEXIS, offers his thoughts on the DEXIS Platinum Sensor as part of the educational presentations.

For someone like Pride CEO Amy Morgan, who spends a lot of time on the podium herself, ensuring quality education as part of the Technology Fair experience was a top priority. Having listened to the various companies’ presentations over the last two days, we asked Morgan what differences she noticed in the way material was presented and the way the audience responded.

“It was focused and it was safe,” she offered. “Very often on the show floor or in a large room panel discussion, many doctors won’t feel comfortable asking questions or confident that answers will be customized to their needs or concerns. This venue was designed to inform, not necessarily to sell, and it gives dentists and teams the opportunity to explore further so that they can go on to make informed decisions about the technology they bring into the practice.”

Tomorrow, we’ll be posting information on what the dentists thought of the Tech Fair, so check back! Also, be sure to revisit the blog throughout the day as we post clips from some of the educational presentations offered at the fair over the last two days.




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