4 10 2009

logoThe recently formed Eco-Dentistry Association was working hard this week, doing its part to educate dentists not only on the value of practicing “green” dentistry, but also realizing that many practices are already well on their way to being green. The association’s “Are you greener than you think?” survey includes questions about waste-reduction, technology, patient communication and patient base that help offer quick insights into where the practice sits on the green spectrum.

Another key messaging point for the group, and one that hits home with many attendees, is how being more eco-friendly can actually help recession-proof a dental office by:

  • Differentiation — being green helps you stand out in a crowd
  • Increasing new patient flow
  • Improving the bottom line

For more information on the Eco-Dentistry Association, membership, CE and more, visit www.ecodentistry.org.

transcOn a related note, Transcendentist showcased two new eco-friendly products: the Cloth-Op Line of infection control barriers and the Joysence line of spritz, hand soaps, lotions and more, made from all-natural ingredients. For more information, go to www.transcendentist.com/products.




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