Product Launch: Kodak PEARL

3 10 2009
Kodak PEARL on the iPhone

Kodak PEARL on the iPhone

The press release announcing the launch of Kodak PEARL was sent in mid September, prior to the ADA meeting, but this week was the first time doctors have been able to see the product in action at a tradeshow.

Available for iPhone and BlackBerry users, the PEARL software application is an add-on module for PracticeWorks management/clinical software enabling real-time information to be accessed remotely from a mobile device. Dentists can view and act upon real-time information related to patient and treatment details, scheduling, financials, call-backs, prescriptions and pharmacies, referring providers, and more.

Some of the things PEARL makes possible:

  • Handle emergencies by accessing patient records after hours
  • Manage after-hours calls to patients, referring doctors, and staff
  • Access scheduling information to add patients and make changes
  • View graphs and data about practice finances

PEARL software delivers secure two-way data flow and is easy to use, requiring little to no learning curve. No patient data is stored on the mobile device.

PEARL is available for Kodak PracticeWorks, SoftDent, OrthoTrac, and WinOMS CS practice management systems.

[to view a quick demo, click here]




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