Neodent enter U.S. market

3 10 2009

f10The ADA meeting marked the beginning of Neodent‘s presence in the U.S. dental market.

The Brazilian company, primarily known for its implants, already has a strong international presence, with products used by thousands of dental professionals worldwide. They will be opening a branch in Miami this year, hoping to replicate its model of high technology, competitive prices and a strong focus on client care.

A brief company history [from]

Implants from Neodent.

Implants from Neodent.

Neodent history had its beginning in 1991 when Dr. Geninho Thomé, a dentist and expert in implant dentistry, by using American know-how, has began to develop scientific researches to improve implants system, finding out materials of similar quality of imported ones – the only option at that time – assuring a more accessible cost.

In 1993 Dr. Geninho Thomé and Dr. Clemilda de Paula Thomé established JJGC Industry and Commerce of Dental Materials Ltd, which started by producing dental implants and specific tools by a commercial scale in order to install implants and prosthesis. Shop and factory were initially working in a modest building in district of Mercês, Curitiba city, and industrial area was constituted by only one employee who operated a mechanical conventional lathe and a moulding machine.

In 1997 industrial sector composed by nine employees and modern CNC lathes was transferred to a shed rented in district of Santa Felicidade, also in Curitiba. In 1998 it had moved to an own headquarter at the same district where it is still located nowadays.

After passing by several stages of improvement, the industrial area of Neodent occupies at present a built area around 2000 m2, destined to manufacture dental implants, surgical prosthetics and instrumental components.

Today our factory employs more than 300 employees distributed in three shifts of work, which maintain continuous production and are responsible for portfolio of products of more than 1,000 different items. A new industrial area with 10.000 m2 is at the beginning phase and it should initiate its operations on 2008.

The success of Neodent, however, is not measured only by its capacity of production. The Company potential for innovation is one of its best characteristics allied to high technology applied on its products.



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