Aloha, ADA

1 10 2009
The beaches of Waikiki

The beaches of Waikiki

Honolulu has opened its arms to ADA this weekend. Banners are set up at stores, restaurants and shops, welcoming dentists and their staffs to the 150th Annual Session. Earlier in September, the Association was projecting just over 22,000 attendees.

With the many distractions waiting just outside the convention hall doors, event organizers scheduled exhibit hall hours from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm, which definitely had the desired effect. The hall was surprisingly busy first thing in the morning with intermittent bursts of traffic throughout the day, spurred on by several promotional efforts by the Association—free coffee on the show floor until 9 am was one of the most compelling.

All in all, there was great energy in the World Marketplace exhibition today, with dental professionals lining up to find out more about various new products. In particular, the DMG America booth was packed almost 4 people deep for much of the day, no doubt due to their launch of ICON caries infiltrant earlier this year. Other products launched in the last month, including the DEXIS Platinum Sensor and  Under Armour Performance Mouthwear (distributed exclusively through Patterson Dental), also drew a lot of visitors.

The crowds around the DMG America booth.

The crowds around the DMG America booth.

PV-slide2One of the first launches we discovered today was a new comparative software offered by Dentra. Working a similar model in other healthcare fields, the company introduced itself to dentistry today in hopes of continuing the promotional push at tradeshows throughout the coming months. Dentra offers two comparative options. The first, Patient Satisfaction (or PatSat), is an online patient feedback and reporting service. It allows you to measure certain key elements of your practice and then compare your patient satisfaction rates to those of other practices in your state and, eventually, your local area. PracticeView measures a practice’s production, growth and quality of care. The results are analyzed and can, again, be compared with practices across the country or in your county.

More to come tomorrow!



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