Handy hands-on CE

10 07 2009

Many of the CE courses at this year’s AGD meeting involve hands-on training, much to the delight of Dr. Robert Lowe, FICD, FADI, FACD, FIADFE.

Dr. Lowe, who is the Team Lead for DPR’s Clinical 360 Cosmetic-Restorative Team, will use some hands-on instruction during Saturday’s “Clinical Solutions for a Profitable Practice” course. The technique-filled seminar will teach skills needed to refine preparations and impressions and will help attendees improve consistency and quality.

“I like these AGD courses because they’re really dedicated students,” Dr. Lowe said. “They’re really into hands-on and I believe hands-on is the best way to take something right back to the office and use it.”

In addition to Saturday’s course, Dr. Lowe is doing a lecture in the Learning Lab on the trade show floor on Friday. The title of his Friday course is: “Functional and Aesthetic Direct Composite  Artistry.”

For a variety of articles and videos from Dr. Lowe, visit dentalproductsreport.com.



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