Bottom line on a little of everything

10 07 2009

Dr. Gordon Christensen of Practical Clinical Courses will cover a little of everything before his full-day course, “The Christensen Bottom Line — 2009” is completed Friday at the AGD annual session Baltimore.

In the morning session, Dr. Christensen spoke to a large crowd in the ballroom about a variety of dental topics. Among his topics were the history of bonding agents and why some of the sixth-generation versions may be as “good as it gets” even though a number of seventh- and now eighth-generation versions have come available, many of which offer optimal ease of use.

He also talked about some of the latest LED curing lights which have already been tested by Clinician’s Report, even though few dentists have yet to get their hands on them yet because they are so new. Ultradent’s Valo, Invoclar Vivadent’s 20i and 3M ESPE’s Elipar S10 were just a few of the many lights that Dr. Christensen said can cure in as little as 3 to 5 seconds. He also offered up tips on how to work with some of the more powerful, quick devices without producing too much heat on the tooth.

After a lunch break he’ll cover several more areas of interest and therefore attendees can expect plenty of responses during a Q & A session at the end.



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