Tip of the iceberg

19 06 2009
Drs. Jack Krauser, James Mah and Scott Ganz (from left) lead a panel discussion on cone beam imaging technology.

Drs. Jack Krauser, James Mah and Scott Ganz (from left) lead a panel discussion on cone beam imaging technology.

The first panel discussion at the 3rd International Congress on 3-D Dental Imaging featured Drs. Scott Ganz, Jack Krauser and James Mah leading the audience in a lively and far ranging discussion on both clinical use and practical aspects of cone beam technology.

Saying, “This is still the tip of the iceberg,” and “There is so much more than we have to learn,” Dr. Ganz pointed out that the technology is still new and the standards of care it allows still need to be defined.

Some audience members expressed concerns over liabilities for pathologies in scans that might not be noticed by dentists, and one GP even said he sends all his scans to a radiologist for evaluation and in three instances the scans have revealed arterial calcifications in areas not typically reviewed by a dentist.

Still, the potential in 3D dental imaging is too great for the technology not to be widely used. Dr. Mah pointed out that scans can be critical in examining the shape of an airway and planning treatment for sleep apnea cases. He said snoring and sleep apnea treatment will be, “the next big thing in dentistry.”

While Dr. Mah and many dentists in the room discussed the frustration of working with colleagues who are unprepared to work with the cone beam images he takes and sends them, Dr. Ganz said educating those clinicians on how to read and use the detailed information from the scans is the key to furthering use of the technology. However, with communication devices like the iPhone growing more efficient and prevalent transfer and use of high quality dental image files will only become easier and more common as time goes on.



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