The new kid in town

19 06 2009

A little more than a year ago, Dr. Walter Chitwood was among the naysayers when it came to cone beam technology.

These days, he’s happy to tell you how the technology has changed his practice, increasing his case acceptance from 50 percent to between 70 and 80 percent.

Dr. Chitwood shared his cone beam journey during the last presentation of the afternoon, “Creating Better Communication with Technology.”

At 53, Chitwood said he didn’t want to go into more debt, and besides that he wasn’t sure where he would put the machine. But after a few visits from a sales rep and some number crunching, he realized switching to cone beam would be much more cost effective than replacing his failing pan machine.

Dr. Chitwood, who has placed implants since the 1980s, has known about the advantages of this technology for awhile but just didn’t want to make the switch. Now, he wishes he would have done it sooner.

“I have learned knowledge without action yields no realization,” he said.

During his presentation, Dr. Chitwood took a look back at old slides and old ways of placing implants, and shared some of his latest cases of patients who have benefited from the more accurate treatment planning his practice now offers.



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