MacPractice on a PC?

18 05 2009

09-04-062bMacPractice Inc. has collaborated with Aqua Connect, the leader in Mac terminal services, to deploy and support MacPractice software on PCs, thin clients, and smartphones.

Aqua Connect Terminal Server (ACTS) can be installed on an Mac Pro or Xserve with Mac OS X Server. Once ACTS is installed, a PC can run a Mac OS X terminal session providing simultaneous access to local Windows applications and peripherals and to MacPractice. This allows offices to use a mix of Mac and non-Mac terminals with MacPractice.

This solution provides a PC user access to Mac software through an Aqua Connect session. PC software and peripherals can be accessed locally on the PC client. The PC user can fully experience the best Mac applications for doctors’ offices from MacPractice and the latest operating system from Apple, all courtesy of Aqua Connect.

MacPractice supports interfaces on Aqua Connect Terminals to PC applications, such as Dragon Medical, dental and medical imaging solutions that require proprietary PC drivers, and hospital, clinical laboratory, and insurance Windows-only solutions. Files can be easily shared and text may be copied and pasted as well between environments.

There are many positive ramifications of this announcement, particularly for doctors who prefer to use Macs that have a significant investment in PC hardware and peripherals.

“Now dentists and physicians can move to MacPractice without having to replace every PC or having to run Windows in a Virtual Machine to use their expensive PC digital imaging solutions. Clinical laboratories can provide physicians with PCs that run their orders-results software and give simultaneous access for the nurse to MacPractice. This technology drives down the cost for all providers who cannot afford to upgrade to all native Mac solutions when they move to MacPractice,” stated Mark Hollis, MacPractice’s President.



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