3M ESPE’s Elipar S10

16 05 2009
3M ESPE's Elipar S10

3M ESPE's Elipar S10

There is no shortage of quality curing lights available at this show, as 3M ESPE is launching its Elipar S10 LED curing light. As part of the launch, the manufacturer has testimonial videos from clinical evaluators running in the booth.

The Elipar S10 light is designed to give you confidence during any curing procedure with 1200 mW/cm² intensity and, according to manufacturer testing, up to three times more intensity at the clinically relevant distance of 7 mm*.

Sealed against contamination, the curing light is described as “virtually unbreakable.” Its one-piece stainless steel casing has no seams or vents where liquid can seep in, so internal components are protected from contaminants and fast and easy disinfection is possible between patients. The stainless steel surface is also resistant to discoloration and staining from disinfectants and dental materials.

For video and more editorial coverage on this and other 3M ESPE products, visit dentalproductsreport.com.




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