Time to talk

24 04 2009

It starts with the students.

That was one of the take aways from Friday’s lunch hour panel discussion with past ALD presidents, including Dr. Terry Myers and Dr. Kim Kutsch.

Nine former presidents discussed the past, present and future of laser dentistry, with most saying one of the best ways to grow awareness is to teach dental students about the technology before they go out into the world to practice.

Panel members listen as an attendee asks them a question.

Panel members listen as an attendee asks them a question.

Coming together with other organizations and manufacturers, reaching out to general dentists who don’t practice laser dentistry and encouraging current members to become more actively involved in the ALD are other ways to keep the organization and laser dentistry strong.

Reaching these goals won’t come without challenges. Dr. Stewart Rosenberg emphasized the importance of member retention and teaching to the future of laser dentistry.

“It’s creating value,” he said, referring to the annual meeting. “It’s learning a new technique on Friday that you can take back to your practice and use on Monday.”

The talk continued in the afternoon ALD Member Think Tank. Here members shared stories about how laser dentistry has affected their practice and their patients. Social networking and patient communication were among the topics they covered.





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