Lasers and CAD/CAM

24 04 2009

Dr. Eugene Antenucci describes it as the perfect marriage.

“These two technologies (lasers and CAD/CAM) make my life easier,” Dr. Antenucci said during his presentation at ALD’s annual meeting Friday morning. “They make my day flow in a more efficient manner and they make my day fun.”

Dr. Eugene Antenucci

Dr. Eugene Antenucci

Using these technologies together optimizes treatment time, enhances margin visualization and minimizes bleeding, leading to improved restorative care for the patient. Dr. Antenucci also outlined the benefits of CAD/CAM dentistry, including time and cost savings. Chairside CAD/CAM puts control back in the dentists’ hands, he said, because it enables them to fabricate restorations that are no different than what they’d get from a lab.

Drs. Mark Colonna and Enrico DiVito emphasized the point in the next session, presenting a full-mouth rehabilitation case using an Er,Cr: YSGG laser and CAD/CAM technology.

The 47-year-old  patient presented with worn dentition and sensitivity to chewing and drinking. The doctors played a video of part of the procedure, where they both worked on the patient with a Er, Cr:YSGG laser. They also had to prepare 28 teeth for this case. Using laser and CAD/CAM technology, they completed the work in two eight-hour sessions.

“We did this case because we wanted to show you can merge these technologies together,” Dr. DiVito said. “We could show we could do this without drilling and then use CAD/CAM for a full-mouth rehabilitation in 16 hours.”

Laser-assisted cosmetic dentistry, practice management for the entire team, clinical applications in daily practice and photobiomodulation were among other topics attendees had the chance to explore during Friday morning’s meeting.




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