The laser evolution

23 04 2009

From the first laser developed to the latest dental laser to receive FDA marketing clearance, the Academy of Laser Dentistry kicked off this year’s meeting with a look at lasers past, present and future.

Keynote speaker Kathleen Maiman gave attendees insight into the life and work or her husband Dr. Ted Maiman, the man who developed the first laser. She told his story through photographs, video and memories of a passionate, confident man who wasn’t afraid to go against popular thought.

Dr. Terry Myers continued the morning session with “A Global Look at Dentistry: Past and Present.” Photos of the earliest dental lasers took many attendees back to when they first began practicing laser dentistry.

Keynote speaker Kathleen Maiman

Keynote speaker Kathleen Maiman


To complete the look back, William Brown, VP of International for Biolase, shared his experience with lasers over the last 30 years.

But even with all the advancements over the years, lasers still aren’t the standard of care. All three speakers agreed that while more dentists are using lasers, there’s still plenty of room to grow. Maiman referred to the group as pioneers, while Brown encouraged the audience to use the meeting as a catalyst to come together for the same goal: to make lasers the standard of care in dentistry.

And part of that going forward is patient awareness and demand.

“The key is the customer side. We need all the consumer awareness we can get for laser dentistry,” Brown said. “It will be good for your practice, good for the industry and good for your patients.”



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